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  1. XxDarkn3ssxX

    XxDarkn3ssxX New Member

    A couple weeks ago, ZombieTavio Tpa killed me and took all my Halite armor then gave it away to his friend, then I recently got on, then he tpa killed me again and took all my stuff. so please Ban ZombieTavio because he says he has more alts and he's going to do the same thing again.
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  2. XxDarkn3ssxX

    XxDarkn3ssxX New Member

  3. ky1e88

    ky1e88 New Member

    well he should be ban when an admin comes on soon
  4. XxDarkn3ssxX

    XxDarkn3ssxX New Member

  5. D34DLY

    D34DLY Moderator Staff Member

    I'll keep his name in mind, on another note, be careful who you tp too. If he broke the rules once, he's more than likely to do it again. But I'll try to keep an eye on him :]
  6. doger9887

    doger9887 Active Member

    He's also not going to be banned, he will be warned and then watched more closely.
  7. WeeChaza

    WeeChaza Moderator Staff Member

    Ive banned him recently for that D34DLY, so, if anything he deserves a ban for this.

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